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You are a gift. The likes of which this world has never seen. You are a beautiful contribution to the world and to our lives,and we are so grateful you are here. — Dr. Dain Heer and Katarina Wallentin, From The Baby Unicorn Manifesto

1-Talk To Your Child As An Adult

What if your child is an infinite being with infinite knowledge and awareness in a tiny body? With your willingness to acknowledge what is true and not buy into the finiteness of what is sold on this planet, you will be someone creating a leader for the future and not someone who is interested in following you or anyone else.

2-Flow Energy To Greatness And Withdraw Energy From Lack And Doubt

Most parents are interested in constantly bringing up where their child is limited(according to their point of view) and where their life isn’t working for them as though that would change it to something different. Whatever you flow energy to grows! Words all have energy and your point of view creates your reality! With your willingness to be someone who talks possibility and thinks possibility, you will be killing all stupidity, limitations and doubt that may be in your child’s world, creating a whole different reality and speed for your child and yourself to be available.

3-Ask Your Child For His/Her Awareness And Ask Questions

Are you willing to let you child into your world a little more and to know that they know too? With this space you will be creating an energy of honouring and acknowledging your child’s greatness and also teaching them to always be present with what is true for them and never buy into anybody else’s point of view even from their family. This will also instil the muscle of receiving in your world where you don’t have to be the only one contributing, you can receive contribution too which creates true oneness with the infinite resource universe where there is no lack or an end to anything. You always allow growth to be a dominant energy.

4- Ask For Your Allowance To Exceed Your Awareness

One of the things that shrinks a being the most is judgment. There are research’s that show shrinking of plants with the projection of constant judgment and the plants that were being flooded with gratitude and acknowledgment were flourishing rapidly.You and the earth are in true communion all the time. So, if judgment can make a plant dry and die, what does it create for people? If you catch yourself judging yourself or your children, ask for your allowance to exceed your awareness and instantly there will be more joy, more laughter and a deeper relationship for the family.

5- Be Interested In Your Child Instead Of Being Interesting

Your willingness to be interested in what your child enjoys, what brings them happiness and asking them questions about their day and their feelings will create an energy of them feeling nurtured and nourished. When you’re with them and totally present right there, it outcreates the amount of time you spend and generates a sense of satisfaction in their world with regards to them receiving you and you receiving them.

I hope this has been a contribution to your worlds and creates everything you uniquely are asking to create as a parent on this planet.

You can also learn more on the Access Consciousness Website about Conscious Parents Conscious Kids. There is an upcoming 2.5 Day Class as well on the 18th of February and you can register and get more information here

With Immense Gratitude For YOU,

Marnie Richman, Chandana Anand Bawa and Isha Bawa – Access Consciousness Certified Facilitators