chandana bawa access consciousness facilitator


“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” ― Albert Einstein

1-Ask To Create A Business That Is Big Enough To Keep You Going

One of the reasons people seem to lose enthusiasm with their business is because their ask does not get bigger. Outcreation is one of the most exciting energies for a being. A being does not enjoy comfort, a being enjoys going beyond their comfort zone which is also a great way to constantly choose more and more greatness so there doesn’t ever have to be a dull energy taking over you and your business.

2-Destroy And Uncreate Your Relationship With Your Business

One of the questions a lot of people have with this tool is “What if possibilities get destroyed?”. Don’t worry, possibilities and what is true can never be destroyed, it only gets greater every time you use this tool because it removes the fog that may have been hiding the possibilities. What is destroyed is the energy of limitations and lies. So, every day you can have a greater relationship with your business because you are allowing lies and boredom to be deleted from your life.

3-Create A 10% Account For Your Business

Every penny your business earns, are you willing to take out 10% of that and put it into an honouring account for your business?This is not for you, this is for a greater future that your business can have. You and your business are different energies. Are you willing to flow tsunamis of honouring to your business? When you flow honour, gratitude and acknowledgment(in this case, in the form of an honouring account) to the business, you are instilling the energy of growth, greatness and expansion to it so it knows that it doesn’t have an end point, instead is an ongoing entity of evolution.

4-Operate From Questions With Your Business

Questions will always open doors of possibilities and conclusions always shut doors and take you to a dead end. Never conclude anything to be wrong or a mistake because you’ll miss receiving the magic in action with that point of view. A few great questions to ask are “What is right about this I’m not getting?”, “What is right about the business I’m not getting?”, “What is the beautiful energy underneath this that can unhide now?” , “What energy can the business be to create itself as the miraculous greatness that it truly is with total ease for all eternity?”.

5-Never Give In, Never Give Up, Never Quit

Where there is a will, there truly is a way. The universe will never give you anything you can not handle. It always has your back and is always engaging with you. To think you are alone at any point in time is going to be a lie you will sell yourself. Ask to be present with what is true and always truly know that you are never alone. “Who can show up that can keep me going on my way?” is a wonderful question in times where you think there’s no hope and in time that feel difficult. If you ask the universe will deliver.

I hope this has been a contribution to you all.

Thank You For You,

Chandana Anand Bawa.