Access 3-Day Body Class with Chandana Anand Bawa 6-7-8 April Mumbai

“What would you have to choose to enjoy the life and living you are having?”
The Access 3-Day Body Class is a magical space where people have experienced dramatic shifts in not just the physical body but also a totally new knowing of how aware the body is. And an acknowledgment of what a gift the body is!
After the Body Class many have felt relief from chronic and acute pain, ease with other bodies, a shift in relationships, ease with money and more!
I wonder what change could you receive?
Class Duration
6-7-8 April (3 days)
Venue – The Club Andheri
Priya Dhar +91 98458 81271
Reena Gandhi 9820620898
Paluk Khanna +91 96324 00566