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With Isha Bawa Sethi
Chandana Anand Bawa

Join Our Webinar – Creating Greater Harmony and Joy and Ease with Your Family

We are excited to invite you to a special webinar designed to help families thrive together. “Join us for Creating Greater Harmony Ease and Joy with Your Family” where you’ll discover practical strategies to foster a loving and supportive family environment.

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Webinar Highlight

Building strong family bonds

Enhancing communication and understanding

Creating meaningful and fun family traditions

Encouraging positive behaviors and mutual respect

Balancing individual needs with family goals

Nurturing emotional well-being for all family members

Our expert speakers , the mother and daughter duo [Speaker’s Name], conscious parent conscious kids facilitators with over 10 years of experience, will provide valuable insights and actionable tips to help your family flourish.
They will share techniques to strengthen connections and create a joyful, harmonious home.

Who Should Attend

– Parents and guardians
– Grandparents
– Caregivers
– Anyone interested in improving family dynamics
– ⁠kids looking for ease and understanding
– ⁠Teachers
– ⁠If you have ever been a child

Join us for this transformative session and learn how to cultivate a happier, healthier family life. Together, we can create greater harmony and joy within our families.

Upcoming Workshop

What if parenting could be fun? Maybe even easy? Introduction to Conscious Parents Conscious Kids is all about that. Easy and pragmatic tips and tools on parenting that actually work. Different than anything you’ve heard before!

23 USD
Rs 1950/- only !

Facilitated by
Chandana Anand Bawa
Isha Bawa Sethi

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What else is truly possible now? If you are looking for more we have two classes this May for you

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